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Team Padlette

Seattle, WA


Padlette makes secure handles, holders for any tablet or e-reader.  Padlette has a unique patented design that ensures that it fits any make or model tablet. Padlette offers three distinct designs covering both large and small tablets.  Padlette works equally well over your favorite case or shell.

Our D3 and D4 are designed for "full size" tablets ranging from 8.5 inches to 10.5 inches, such as the iPad Air. Our D2 and D3mini models are designed for junior (mini) tablets and e-readers in the 7 inch to 8.4 inch range such as the iPad mini.


Padlette tablet holders, handles and grips are the simplest, most secure, most versatile tablet accessory for on the market.  Try one and see why teachers, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs prefer them over much more expensive alternatives.

Padlette in the Classroom

Being an educator today is a really hard job.  That's why we want to offer teachers a helping hand any way we can.   Technology has become integral to education; its clear the iPad and other tablets are fast becoming essential tools for learning.  Our objective is to support students & teachers by enabling them to use tablets COMFORTABLY and SECURELY and, thereby, protecting the school's investment in this technology.

The best solutions are often the simplest.  Padlette is one of those.  Once you try a Padlette tablet holder you’ll have a hard time using your tablet without one again.  Seriously.

We’re so sure you will agree that we have a 100% return policy.  We aim to be the go-to tablet protector, holder in every school.

You might ask: "How is that a PROTECTOR?  Most "cases" or protectors only come in to play to save your tablet WHEN it is dropped.  Our approach is different.  Padlette PREVENTS you from ever dropping your tablet in the first place.  That’s pretty cheap insurance. 

As an added feature our corner wrap-around approach creates “bumpers” on the front of the tablet that keep the screen off the surface enabling you to lay it face down with confidence that the screen will not get scratched.  

Don’t teachers and students deserve an extra hand? 

Ask about our Education Discounts.  

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