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Team Padlette

Seattle, WA


Padlette makes secure handles, holders for any tablet or e-reader.  Padlette has a unique patented design that ensures that it fits any make or model tablet. Padlette offers three distinct designs covering both large and small tablets.  Padlette works equally well over your favorite case or shell.

Our D3 and D4 are designed for "full size" tablets ranging from 8.5 inches to 10.5 inches, such as the iPad Air. Our D2 and D3mini models are designed for junior (mini) tablets and e-readers in the 7 inch to 8.4 inch range such as the iPad mini.


Easy Rider

Does your iPad go where you go?  You can travel light and still take your favorite content along for the ride.    With a Padlette on your tablet you can feel safe and secure that your device will return home in one piece.  And that's peace of mind.

Padlette's universal tablet handles, holders and grips designed for iPad, Kindle, Samsung, Nook and every other tablet under the sun.  Simple design, amazing functionality, truly universal.  

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